Sunday, 12 July 2009


hello all as u can see my cards are up.alot of the ones on here were made at a workshop on a sat where i go to learn more techniques to make my cards,
the flag one was made for a customer it consists of 5 seperate flags which are black and diff pieces put on them .on 2 are gothic naughty fairies,and a naughty vampire on the other,a wolf ,then a bottle and a star ,wrapped to keep tidy in a silver grey ribbon ,the lady was thrilled with it and there fore more orders and more gothic looking cards ,i do like variety but my fave is gothic and dragons because u can have so much fun creating it,the flag took me about 2 and a half hrs ,there will be more cards as soon as i can make some more got a few idea s running through my mind ,then i suppose xmas cards will be nxt iv even got some orders lol anyway i hope u like what u see

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  1. Hi Sara,
    I really love the 'bunting' style card and will have to have a go at that over the summer. Well done on getting your blog up and running.
    Vicky x